Hoover council votes 3-2 to borrow $80 million

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Preach it!

"Government at all levels is notorious for overspending,” Lyda said."

So true. John, if you were running for Mayor, I'd vote for you! Hope you will run in the future.

Hoover Resident more than 4 years ago

Sports complex

I can't believe this city is going to borrow millions for a sports complex when we're having to bus children to schools they don't want to attend because of over crowding. We need more neighborhood schools. The High schools need a fine arts center for choral and instrumental concerts , as well as theater. They're are also MANY WATER ISSUES that need to be resolved by the CITY OF HOOVER. One of these problems is in the 2300 block of LESTER LANE 35226 . We have asked the city council to fix our problem witch is their responsibility and they said it was not their responsibilitiy and didn't have the money in their budget. We have fixed our yard and spent THOUSANDS of DOLLARS. We know factually it is the CITYS responsibilitiy to fix this WATER problem. We have lived in our home for 55years, made improvements and have beautiful yard, is it going to be our problem when the back corner of our house caves in and washes away due to HOOVERS neglect. I'm so glad you can borrow 80 million dollars for a sports complex .

Pam stokes parker more than 4 years ago

unreal goverment out of control

Only five people get to plunge hoover into 80 million dollars in debt. the kickbacks must be enormous for the three who voted yes.

humsntu more than 4 years ago

Audio Recording of Meeting


Dan Fulton more than 4 years ago

Hoover Sun