Hoover council to consider city's first 'open container' entertainment district



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Head scratchers

1: How this is even a thought and being discussed is beyond me and probably most folks in Hoover.
2: When Hoover Sun does these kinds of articles, why do you put maps that are unreadible? You do it all the time. Irritating. It's 2020, High resolution exist everywhere now.

Beau Bree 29 days ago

Not needed!

I agree completely with everything Councilman Greene said about this proposal. It is not necessary and can cause so many problems that we don't need.

Meredith 32 days ago

Open Container Entertainment District

Do you really think all people who are drinking will be good at social distancing? I think this would be a major problem! Also, will limit those of us who need and would enjoy more outdoor social space.

Patricia 32 days ago

Bad Idea

"The idea is for the beverage to be consumed outside." Outside where? In the streets where people are driving, or on the sidewalks where people are walking? Inevitably, teenagers will be drawn to the "open container" idea/availability like moths to a light, which is what has happened and is happening at "open container" entertainment districts elsewhere. Don't believe me? Then go to one and see for yourself late on any weekend night on which the weather is good. It is reasonably foreseeable drunk obnoxious teenagers will cause problems that will kill the family atmosphere this entertainment district hopes to promote. "Open container" is not only unnecessary to the success of this development, it is a bad idea. This development will be better without it. If anyone wants a "New Orleans-type (a/ka Bourbon Street or French Quarter-type ) atmosphere" with the drunks, homeless people, crime and hookers that entails, they can and should take a trip to New Orleans. Drunk people walking around while drinking more; that is your"New Orleans-type atmosphere." Who wants this at Stadium Trace Village in Hoover? Not me.

Barry V. Frederick 33 days ago

Open container ” entertainment” district t

Barry , my thoughts EXACTLY!

Jan demedicis 27 days ago


I totally agree and I hope the Mayor and Council members will read these comments. We do not need this in Hoover!

Meredith 25 days ago

Hoover Sun