Hoover council rezones 1,523 acres for 1,150-house Blackridge development



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Gun Range

What are they going to do about Brocks Gap training Center (gun range). It's going to back up directly to the new neighborhood

William more than 2 years ago

Tax Math

I think the math is wrong on the taxes. There is no way, that taxes on a $500,000 home in Hoover will total $15,300. Probably around $4000 to 5000. With some going to the State.

Trent Cowsert more than 2 years ago

Correction made

I updated the story with corrected estimates from the Hoover finance director.

Jon Anderson more than 2 years ago


This and several previous stories have highlighted concerns for traffic on South Shades Crest but the developers and the city have explicitly stated that access to SSC will not be provided. The more pressing issue will be traffic on Stadium Trace and at the intersection of Stadium Trace/Preserve Parkway and Hwy 150. The two developments will add around 3,000 vehicles per day that will pass the traffic at Bumpus, Trace Crossings Elem and accessing HHS and will then meet at what will be a massive choke point at Hwy 150 and I-459. Then consider that the last remaining parcel at 459/150 will be sold and developed for retail and the City is staring at significant congestion issues and doing not one single thing to address them now. It's great that Dr. Murphy was involved now let's get a traffic engineer to review these plans. That extra $1,500 per unit needs to go toward alleviating the inevitable congestion that is going to be far, far worse if it continues to be ignored.

Darrin Abernathy more than 2 years ago

Green Space

Is any type of park area (not shopping) being planned for in this development?

Pat Davis more than 2 years ago

Audio Recording of Meeting


Dan Fulton more than 2 years ago