Hoover council delays Santek garbage contract extension due to complaints



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Crappy Recyling Service

What kind of recycling service does not take up plastic bags or plastics 3-7? I often see garbage on the ground, and Santek often leaves my garage cans blocking my driveway.

John S more than 1 year ago

Great Workers

No issue at all with this company. Their employees are incredibly friendly and often wave at my son who loves the Garbage Trucks. People should be more understanding during the winter months due to the increase in trash over the holidays and the obvious concerns surrounding the weather. Its unreasonable to think that they will be able to get to everyone on their route during these peak seasons. I promise you, Santek doesn't want to pay their guys overtime to pick the stuff up on Saturday, or to run extra trucks on a typical off day... It will all be ok.

Jason Nappi more than 1 year ago


I have had no problems with the service.

Susan Spafford more than 1 year ago

Santeck. . thanks for the job you do!

Never had a problem with Santeck. I'm careful to follow the rules about recycling. My carts are almost always returned to where I placed them.

Steve Oliver more than 1 year ago

No complaints at all

Thanks for all that you do Santek. I have had no issues whatsoever and if I’m not aware of the days that you all are picking up due to the holidays I simply call or look online.

PB more than 1 year ago

No Complaints

We have never had an issue with Santek. If something was not picked up in the past, I asked why. I have always received a very courteous answer, and if needed, changed OUR ways. Hoover has an excellent website. If you did not click on the links in the above article, start here: http://www.hooveral.org/308/Garbage-Recycling

Kimberly B more than 1 year ago

No complaint from me

Santek has provided excellent service to my house and all other houses on the cul-de-sac that is at the end of our shortstreet. That was also true of the previous provider of waste-pick-up services, which made me wonder why Hoover made the change to Santek in the first place. The complaints all sound like things that can be resolved. Hoover should think more than twice before it ever again considers changing the provider of waste pick-up services. No provider or customer of such services are perfect, no matter how hard they may try to be.

Barry V. Frederick more than 1 year ago

Trash pickup

After 5:00 on Friday and our trash can has been on the street all week...still not picked up. We have had our neighbors picked up and ours left. It was like they just did every two or three houses then skipped some. Poor service.

Jo Smith more than 1 year ago


We had to see this coming after the debacle that occurred during the take over of service by this company.

JC more than 1 year ago

Leaves bin in the street instead of driveway

I have called this company repeatedly asking them to kindly replace the bin on the driveway instead of leaving it in the street where it can be hit by cars. To add, it would be great if they put the bins on the side of the driveway where I can still pull into the driveway out of traffic. Most of the time things run smoothly, but lately they have started leaving the bins in the street which isn't safe on our narrow street. Thank you.

Stephanie more than 1 year ago

Skipped Frequently

Our small development is just one street and we get skipped frequently. Even when they do come, we have watched them often stay on one side of the truck and they don't even see our carts on the other side. If we are home, we have to run out and yell loud to be heard, hoping they will come back and get our cart. Another time we watched them open our garbage cart, look inside and close it back without picking it up! I guess we'll have to put a sign on it saying "This is garbage; please empty it!" Mr. Dillender needs to retrain the guys. We know they have a difficult job, but they are going up and down our street much too fast and are often missing garbage in bags and in carts. They simply need to slow down a bit and look around before leaving! If your garbage isn't picked up when it should be, I urge everyone to contact either Santek or the City of Hoover Garbage & Recycling Department. That department does a wonderful job of getting these problems handled.

Meredith more than 1 year ago

Thank You

Santek personnel, thank you for taking away from my comfortable home the filthy detritus.

You folks have a thankless job. Do not know the name of the prior company providing service, but they do not hold a candle to the excellent job you do.

Gary Ricketts more than 1 year ago

Trash & Recycle Bins

I can understand when there are weather related delays in picking up our trash and recycle items. The thing that bothers me is when they empty the trash or recycle bins and shove them back to the gutter leaving them partially in the street or turned over. Yesterday our recycle bin was left turned over laying completely in the street. The lid was open and was in the path of traffic. Cars had to go around it! I know it is a hard job and I really do appreciate the men and women who do it!

Linda Fisher more than 1 year ago


The arm of the truck when it comes down to pick up my garbage can digs into my yard tearing it up frequently. I have reported numerous times . If I move the can to the middle of the driveway the I can't get out . The have also missed picking up my garbage a few times also.

Patty more than 1 year ago


What arm are you talking about? The only truck with an arm I've seen is the huge one that picks up limbs and big items, not garbage carts. Our carts are picked up manually and dumped into the garbage truck. There is never damage to our yard.

Meredith more than 1 year ago

Acceptable recyclable materials

The link on there city website does NOT match the list of acceptable recyclables according to Bham recycling and recovery, which is who takes our recycling from Santek. For example, only plastics #1 and 2 are recyclable.

Beth Martin more than 1 year ago

Thank you

Thanks, Beth, for pointing this out. We have contacted the city of Hoover Public Works Department, and they plan to update the information on the city website.

Jon Anderson more than 1 year ago

Recycle Service

Santek often misses pickups each week. Our entire street did not receive recycling pick up at all last week. All of our containers sat on the street for two weeks until they were picked up yesterday. Two weeks with no pickup has nothing to do with holiday schedule, items in container nor snow days.

Jeff Davis more than 1 year ago


Santek often misses picks and when they do pickup, you never know what time of day they will pickup. After dark pickups happen.

Shellie Waites more than 1 year ago

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