Hoover council considers spending $100,000 to fix flooding problems on private property



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Sublease the Building to Artist on the Bluff

How long will the old Bluff Park Elementary School be leased to Artist on the Bluff, will it be in the contract lease.

Jay B Roberson more than 1 year ago

City responsibility

This is an area Hoover has been negligent in it's responsibility to protect the community for years. Many of these drainage pipes were installed by Jefferson County on public utility easements before area were annexed into the city. Hoover has steadfastly REFUSED any responsibility for these now in the city easements, while the county maintains that once annexed they are the city's responsibility leaving homeowners and the public in a no win situation. In our subdivision, we were told by the city that the entire drainage system in the neighborhood was inadequate and would be replaced. The city purchased a temporary easement along part of the open creek and replaced it with an open drainage channel...but when confronted with an uncooperative resident the city proved to have no backbone to use emmintent domain to ensure a project of high public need was completed.

That was over a decade ago and the lack of repairs continues to lead to problems including flooding and road deterioration. In fact within the last month pipes underneath a roadway collapsed leading to an emergency replacement which has closed the intersection and still hasn't been completed for over 2 weeks.

Don't be fooled by the words used by city officials in this article. According to the county a city agrees to take over all county utility easements when an area is annexed. Hoover doesn't agree, yet when attempting to annex large areas withholds that information leading to the growing problems we are seeing today because no one is maintaining the former county easements. In my opinion that makes Hoover complicit in any damage caused by this failure to live up to its civic responsibilities in annexed areas.

Jeff Padgett more than 1 year ago

City responsibility

Problems such as this resulted from previous administrations. Give the new guys a chance to fix things.

Chris Mayer more than 1 year ago


I have a problem at my house on Whispering Pines, where a huge storm water drain just opens up into my backyard. When it rains, my entire back yard floods and stays flooded for days at a time, creating a bog for mosquitoes to breed. This is potentially a public health crisis with West Nile Virus, Zika and the new EEE recently showing up in south Alabama in mosquitoes. I've asked the city council to get involved, but they stonewalled me and referred me to the city's lawyer, basically saying the drain wasn't their responsibility.

Ben more than 1 year ago