Hoover council approves $2 million for road projects



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East of I-65

I guess we have everything we ever need over on this side of town since there are no real projects even being talked about for any part of Hoover that is east of I-65. We STILL need Valleydale to be 4-laned all the way across, and the city and Shelby County need to start working together TODAY to make that happen asap. Hoover is responsible for a lot of this problem after building TWO schools off Valleydale that cannot be reached without going on roads for which they have no "in city limits" responsibility.

Judith Miller more than 1 year ago

South Shades Crest

One of Hoover's more congested traffic in-flow in the morning and out-flow in the evening is South Shades Crest Rd. It could be solved in conjunction with the development going on out Stadium Trace, but understand that is not on the table.

Rick Nelson more than 1 year ago

Trace Crossings

Where are the road improvements for Trace Crossings?

Trace Crossings Roads more than 1 year ago

Hoover Sun