Hoover considers ordinance to regulate Airbnb, other short-term rental properties



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The other side of this debate

First, I've read that there have been a whopping 15 complaints on this in a city of ~90,000. It seems that the majority of this problem could be handled by HOA covenants if specific neighborhoods wanted to do that. There are already ordinances/laws against noise, wild parties, drugs, blocking access to someones driveway, etc. So you don't need this ordinance to prevent that from happening. And these short term rental homeowners have the ability to rate their guests. They obviously don't want to do anything that would harm their own property or property value. This article mentions wild parties and a shooting but have any of those things happened at an airbnb/vrbo in Hoover? Hotels are expensive, cramped, noisy at times. I can see why these are becoming more and more popular. For an extended family wanting to stay in Hoover for a wedding or graduation or other event in a lot of cases might not even be able to afford to come if it weren't for these airbnb rentals. So the homeowner benefits, and the visitors benefit from the transaction. I don't see the problem with this or why the city would even want to try to make this city less affordable for visitors. I'd also like to know how much is it going to cost the city to monitor, permit, inspect, and enforce this ordinance, and is it even worth it for a measly 15 complaints?

Lisa P more than 1 year ago

More of an HOA issue

I believe the HOA should be the ones to regulate what type of rentals can be done in each neighborhood. This really isn't a city issue.

Mechelle more than 1 year ago

overreaction and over-regulation

Many laws are already on the books that authorities can use to help neighborhood residents to deal with wild parties, parking that blocks driveways or mailboxes, and all other problems complained of here. We do not need an over-reactionary ordnance that regulates homeowners legitimate use of their own property for their own purposes, whether it is occasionally renting it for a little extra income or for any other reason. The proposed ordnance is absurd, especially if it is based on paranoia about strangers comings and goings to and from one of your neighbors' house. Why not just go ahead and pass an ordnance that bars anyone who is a stranger to your neighbor from coming to your house in Hoover. The absurdity seems obvious. Plus and last, there has always been rental homes in Hoover.

Barry V. Frederick more than 1 year ago

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