Hoover City Council passes $148 million budget for 2016



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Mr Ivey doesn't listen

If the Major is saying that he hasn't heard from teh parents regarding funding for our schools - then he is listening and first chance we get we should get rid of him. Hoover schools are the most valuable asset this town has and should be treated as such. Whilst there is no question that we have a solid city budget, room for improvements in our schools should be a priority not a niceity.

Mark Newman more than 2 years ago

Money for schools

A few years ago I served on a committee whose mandate was to find ways to decrease spending for the schools . We were told by Mr. Craig that while the schools had a surplus, which is mandated by the State Department, we were using it at a rate that woyld exctnguish it in five years. We made a range of suggestions from cutting teacher aides ( which directly affects classroom instruction) to painting buildings less often. Since one reason people are drawn to Hoover is the excellent schools, we need to be on the cutting edge of education. We need the support of the city council to be the very best. We have lost many librarians, math coaches, secretaries and nurses to Vestavia and Mtn. Brook because they pay better or we cut programs. This is regrettable. Hoover parents and students deserve a great education. We as a community are blessed and would appreciate support from the city fathers in order to provide the best education possible.

Charlotte Brown more than 2 years ago

Audio Recording of Meeting


Dan Fulton more than 2 years ago