Hoover breaks ground for sports complex next to Hoover Met



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Additional Entry and Exit Roads near new Hoover Sports Complex

Traffic is already congested on Stadium Trace during events at the Hoover Met. Are there plans for additional entry and exit roads given the additional traffic coming to the Hoover Sports Complex ?

Jesse Smedley more than 1 year ago

laudnry equipment for the facility

Can anyone direct me to whom I might need to connect with to see if they plan to have athletic laundry equipment within this facility? thanks for the assistance. Steve

Steven Leib more than 2 years ago

Responsible Development

What a great opportunity to spotlight low impact development! These kind of projects will have impacts to local water sources and biodiversity. Often, appropriate, low impact, development strategies can end up saving money. The site would become a showcase for both development and good stewardship. We have high quality water that benefits all businesses, as well as local citizens. It is always cheaper to prevent damage than to repair it. We have tremendous biodiversity that receives national/international recognition. It also generates revenue in many different ways. Hopefully local experts will be allowed to weigh in as the project proceeds. We need to be leaders on MANY fronts. Please set a high bar and example for our citizens.

J more than 2 years ago