Hometown Backyard BBQ Bash planned at Hoover Met



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Great Party!!

We just left and the rain held off, so we enjoyed our stroll around the tents sampling some absolutely FABULOUS BBQ!! Thank you so very much fot sponsoring such a worthwhile cause!!

Rose Heath 131 days ago


This is a great event to attend. My question is that the Radio Stations my wife listens to says the Charge is $5 per person, with a $20 limit per family. What is the correct charges to attend. Thank You for putting this on for our Birmingham and area folks (like us from Chelsea, Birmingham is a suburb of Chelsea).

JimBobJim 133 days ago


Our reporter has confirmed that the pricing for the event will be $10 per person, with a max of $20 per family. Children age 10 and younger get in free. Thank you! - Cathlene, digital editor

HooverSun.com 132 days ago