Florida company gives pitch to manage Hoover Met & new 124-acre sports complex



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Get more than one proposal

"the proposal calls for the city to pay Sports Facilities Management $28,000 a month for full-time management services, plus the cost of any on-site employees the company hires on behalf of the city"

$28,000 a month plus *any* on-site employees the company hires. Good grief. How is that $28,000 figure determined? How many employees would that be and who determines their salaries and benefits? Does Hoover have any say so in how many and how much they would be paid? Who manages the city of Birmingham's facility in Five Points West?

Hoover resident more than 2 years ago

Good idea for a start

The outside company to run the facility at the start until the city can get their feet wet. Then use the city's event cooridinator and the person they hired to run the met to oversee it.

Berry more than 2 years ago

Could not agree more

Berry's comment is a wise one, but I would exyend berry's proposal further -- not just until "the city can get their feet wet,"but until the city can swim. Too much is at stake to take unecessary chances on a complex that can be a real boom for Hoover.

Barry V. Frederick more than 2 years ago

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