Education funding, city planning dominate discussion at Hoover election forum



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Dan Fulton more than 3 years ago

School Debt

Jon, the Mayor likes to toute the school system surplus. Can you please let us know how Hoover City School Debt ranks in the State? Hoover Schools have $175m in debt. Also, where did the debt come from. Thanks

Steve more than 3 years ago

Data Tables - FY2014

Not sure if this is accurate or data sources: Just came across it. Select Alabama in bottom left of table and then you can sort by the column you want. There are many columns. Total outstanding debt for Hoover would put it 7/134 at end of FY2014.

Nate more than 3 years ago

Data Tables

I think what is interesting is the following:

Students (10/134), Local Property Tax Revenue (4/134), Local City and County Revenue (37/144). This suggests local city and county revenue doesn't match the size of Hoover City Schools. For what its worth, state revenue ranking (10/134), federal revenue ranking (41/134).

Nate more than 3 years ago


Thank you sir!

Steve more than 3 years ago

Really Mayor Ivey?

Interesting that the mayor doesn't believe in a ten year plan, as if we can't have some agreement on priorities that would be good for the city today and ten years from now. He really says "What's good for the city now may be terrible in 10 years?" How about goals to make areas more walkable, so we might be able to get to schools safely when there are four lanes of traffic to cross? How about plans to keep a reasonable buffer along rivers and creeks, with storm water management that does not turn the water brown every time it rains? How about plans to make sure that future large subdivisions with schools have more than one way in and one way out, so we do not sit in big backups trying to get kids to school? Mayor Ivey has a stunning lack of vision, or no no interest in communicating it.

Dr. T. DeVore more than 3 years ago

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