DEA raids Hoover doctor's office seeking evidence on unneeded narcotics prescriptions



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Patients have Rights

Last Time I checked... this was America... where you are innocent until PROVEN guilty. We don't convinct people on what we "think" is going on, or on what "might" be happening, but on what we can PROVE. Dr. Korcz and staff are good people, and they help their patients. I've never seen anything bad happening. That is garbage about "insurance fraud" - probably someone who failed drug tests and got kicked out of the practice. Nice. I hope they are found innocent of all the charges. I'll be praying for them.

Chuck more than 1 year ago

Hoover Alt MD

This office has been practicing insurance fraud, medicare fraud and over prescribing meds for years. Shr uses fake dx to get paid by ins companies for pt treatment. She has not shown up for work until late afternoon leaving her staff to deal with pts, sometimes not showing up at all. The pts that support her and this office are the ones that are getting illegal rx from her. I think that the only her and husband care about is making money. I have seen her cut pts off with no treatment because they did not have funds to pay at the time of visit. This is not the first time this Dr and off has been investagated. I guess this is s time that the only thing to say is Karma A Bitch.

Karma more than 1 year ago

Payment for services

You don't work for free, why should she?

Lisa more than 1 year ago

D.E.A. and F.D.A.

These idiots will say or do anything to cover their own incompetency and support their failed drug war. More than ever people are beginning to realize what science has known all along. T.H.C is actually a major nutrient. like vitamins C.D. or A. Our endocannabinoid system Is designed for the utilization of cannabis (smoking not recommended). Also; many of the disease's that respond to cannibals is because they were caused by Clinical endocannabinoid deficiency (CECD) A science the D.E.A. has suppressed for decades. T.H.C. is the nutrient required and used by our body to regulate pain, stop cancer replication and very many other vital and critical uses as well. Also for our psychoactive requirements..

RICHARD PRICE more than 1 year ago

Totally false

Dr Korcz is an amazing doctor who helps many. If a patient lies to her about the amount of pain they are in how can she know they are being deceitful? The dea needs to move on and leave a small family practice with a lovely Caron doctor alone and actually look for some real criminal activity. Dr Korcz drug tests all of her patients that require that and she gets rid of patients that fail the test. She is fair and knowledgeable. I hope her practice recovers and she is vindicated in these false allegations. I'm a patient here and I have been on the same dosage ( very low) for 5 years. She is conservative and doesn't hand out medicine that isn't needed.

Lauren Garrett more than 1 year ago

Alt MD hoover

I am a patient there and all these accusations are totally false. Hoover police need to go after the real dope dealers and stop pretending that they are doing something by busting up a doctor's office.
This Dr.s is needed by many. There is no illegal activity there

Duane ward more than 1 year ago

Hopefully you're right but...'s not like the DEA/FBI are knocking down Dr's doors on a whim. If they were doing something, they definitely wouldn't let it be known to their patients... and people's private lives are just that - private.

Hoover Res more than 1 year ago


This place is run by a quack "Doctor" and her crazy husband. Glad to hear they were finally busted. It's been a long time coming. Looks like Duane will need to get his drugs elsewhere.

RTR87 more than 1 year ago

Hoover PD

Hoover PD was participating at the request of the DEA.

Gene Smith more than 1 year ago

Are they opening back up

What's gonna happen to all of us patients now that have proof of needing these medications?

Sally more than 1 year ago

Hoover Sun