Conditional use approved for MaxxClean Car Wash



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Where exactly will this be located on Hwy 150? Just giving an address doesn't help pinpoint the exact location.

Carol more than 5 years ago

carwash location

"We chose this location due to a number of factors," Pence said, "the primary factor being that we feel that the Wal-Mart and Academy shopping center area of Highway 150 is under-served from a carwash perspective.

sue more than 5 years ago

Define "under-served"

Anthony's Car Wash is 0.8 mi. down the road. Am I missing something? more than 5 years ago

Under-Served is correct.

More than 1 car wash is needed in that area. Anthonys gets really crowded especially with all the Groupons they offer.

Tony more than 5 years ago

Under served??

Anthony's Car Wash is building new location on John Hawkins Parkway off Exit 10 at the Grove.

Chris more than 4 years ago

Hoover Sun