City to hold meeting about replacing Bluff Park Community Center with pavilion



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meeting about park

I apologize for my comment about not sharing the date in the time I'll read the whole article.Color me embarrassed.

Cara Adams 354 days ago

Live Stream

@Bluffparkal .org on Facebook will try to live stream the meeting. If the signal is not conducive to that, we will post photos and dialog as the meeting goes.

Heather 361 days ago

Meeting date/time

We publicized the meetimg on the city Facebook page last week but werenot aware of the conflict with the meeting at the school. Regardless, we want eveyone to be able to give their input. Please feel free to email me at with any comments or suggestions you might have about the pavillion concept.

Allan Rice 361 days ago

Meeting time

Unfortunately this meeting date and time conflicts with an important meeting at the elementary school where many BP. parents are required to attend

Lori 361 days ago

Meeting on bluff park

It would be nice to know the date

Cara Adams 361 days ago

Date is in the story

This story was posted today, and the lead says the meeting is this Tuesday.

Jon Anderson 361 days ago

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