City to consider zoning plan for 1,527 acres, 1,150 houses in Blackridge



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Audacious to even contemplate

Please consider the ramifications of building additional homes in an area that is already taxed with traffic nightmares. South Shades Crest Road can barely handle the traffic we have now. This taxpayer will not want to foot additional taxes to accomodate increasing the road size so that 1500 new homes can be built.What about the justice department and all of the requirements for meeting the rezoning issues? Please NO more home subdivisons until our school system problems are funded and in place. I personally think it was a MISTAKE to sell the Old Berry Building, when Hoover High School is already too crowded. When will the children of Hoover be a priority?

Julie more than 2 years ago

Have we really thought about it

There are so many things that come with new subdivisions. Have we thought about how many people will be traveling the roads or how many children will live there? Where will they go to school? We don't have enough room at Hoover High for the students we have now much less 1500 more. Are there plans for another high school? There should be no new subdivisions allowed until they have a plan in place for our school system (not re-zoning, a REAL long term plan).

Susan M more than 2 years ago


Any development of the Wilburn Lake area that doe not include the possible connection of Stadium Trace Parkway to Shelby County 52 would be short sighted and irresponsible. Hopefully Hoover will make that a priority.

Billy C more than 2 years ago

Too many homes

1. South Shades Crest Rd does not need any more traffic during morning & evening commute times. Hopefully this development will have traffic control to stop through traffic. But they won't like the commute times in the morning that they are only going to increase.
2. Old plans allowed for 2.5 homes per acre. That was per annex agreement during years before population grown in this area. For Signature to call these "lost homes" and request to build them else where is not acceptable.

Consuela Dambrino more than 2 years ago