City of Hoover to buy the Old Berry Middle School location



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Cost of purchase

Just how many times do the citizens of Hoover have to pay for W.A. Berry High School?. Our tax money paid for it when we were in the County. Then when Hoover bought it from the County we paid for it again. Now we are asked to pay more money to buy it from the School Board. Three times to pay for the same piece of land seems excessive. Lots of better ways to use 9 million of our tax dollars on projects that would benefit more of the community.of all ages and could be used year round.

Linda Chastain more than 5 years ago

Mural Wall

The Mural wall is pure Hoover history ! Let's not make a mistake as the city of Birmingham did and lose a nostalgic reminder of how many Hoover citizens are part of the Berry High School history.

Jo Veal Turner more than 5 years ago