Changes coming to Galleria: Sears departure opens door for redevelopment



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Move Hoover Library to Sears space

Move the Hoover Library to the Sears space.

alpha0000 128 days ago

A "traditional urban downtown" ? No thanks.

I, and I believe most others, do not want the look of a "traditional urban downtown" at the Galleria. Those of us who moved to Hoover from Birmingham, had our fill of Birmingham's traditional urban downtown. No thanks, that would be another reason for me to not go to the Galleria (in addition to the horrible conditions of the "Ring Road" described by the commentator below, which once were conditions common to roads in Birmingham's traditional urban downtown before they were last repaved. How about a Galleria look similar to the very successful winding road part of the renovation outside Brookwood Mall, which I and others enjoy and would prefer to enjoy in Hoover. That could create a social center in Hoover, which sorely lacks one.

Barry V. Frederick 196 days ago

The Ring Road Issue

I hope all these redevelopment plans include repaving the Ring Road and all the exits and entrances. While there has been some patching done recently, the remainder of the road reminds me of driving in downtown Birmingham. It is horrible! And the worst areas are at the front entrances from Hwy31 and at the heavily used John Hawkins (hwy 150 for all of us who have grown up in Hoover) entrances. You should not have to own an offroad vehicle to visit the Galleria. I would not think the image we want people to come away with is we had to replace a blown tire trying to go to the new City Center... I would think this would be a priority for Brookfield Properties.

Wesley 208 days ago

The Ring Road Issue

I agree with the paragraph above about the disgraceful appearance of the Ring Road around the Galleria. Not only embarrassing, but is a rough ride.

Ann 196 days ago