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Report is Dated

The report is dated. I work for a large manufacturing company in Birmingham, and we've been hiring like crazy for the past year an a half. After the election, things just started booming. We have to hire 10 workers just to keep 2. Out of 10 workers, 5 won't come back after the first week. It's like this everywhere - younger people just don't seem to have the same work ethic that their parents or grand parents do. I started reading the full report buildingittogether, and it's interesting. But, I sincerely question a report that doesn't use comparative cities. Charlotte and Atlanta, really? We should be compared to cities that are similar in size like Raliegh, NC, Memphis, TN or Greenville, SC. Also, the word "invest" is thrown around a lot. How is the money to be invested and where is it going to come from? I fear any investment in economic planning at the city, county or state level will be rife with corruption (as it always is) or pretty much like this report is, completely outdated and irrelevant in just a few short years.

LP more than 1 year ago

Great article

However, the photo and caption do not match. The photo of 4 mayors is not Mayor Woodfin shaking hands in Linn Park

Hoover Citizen more than 1 year ago