Artists must vacate former Bluff Park Elementary School



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Historic Preservation Projects: Cultural and Arts Programs

Has the school board or City council looked into applying for a Federal Financial Assistance for Historic Preservation Projects: Cultural and Arts Programs? Why not? This is a perfect place for grants to be used.
I went to Bluff Park in 1956-57 and my son went in 1993-96. I think it important for the City of Hoover to look at restoring the old school.

David D more than 2 years ago

Thanks Curt

Thank you Curt Posey. Your vote to not approve the city offering sub-leases to the Artists on the Bluff is what paved the way for this sickness of a vote. Bluff Park voters put you in office. Guess what? Slime sticks and people remember. Too little too late in "trying" to correct your mistake tonight. Once this building is gone we get to remember you, Lyda, Green and Shaw. Buh-bye.

Disgusted in Bluff Park more than 2 years ago

Not exactly….

How on earth was he "trying to correct a mistake." As an artist, I had not even seen the lease until Mr. Posey and Mr. Smith met with us as a group. Then, I hear he spent hours trying to get the board to agree to the terms. Why would he do this if he was "trying to correct a mistake?" No one else from the city or school board offered to meet with me and explain the situation. No one else offered to even tell me that I may lose my studio.

JM more than 2 years ago

Read it for yourself

Still disgusted in Bluff Park more than 2 years ago

Are we reading the same article????

In the article, Posey stated that "the artists had not been directly involved with negotiations." Two days later, he met with myself and 11 other artists at AOTB to review the lease with us and discuss the costs associated with the agreement. This is the only interaction ANY artist had with ANY city official about the lease agreement and about the rent that we would have to pay out of our own pocket to keep the doors open. Why is your anger geared toward a man who did the right thing and actually spoke to the people who are doing the work and not the 3 votes that mysteriously disappeared last night??? The previous article said that the resolution had a 4-3 vote against the first time, but last night I counted 5-1. I guess those guys get a pass, but a man who did exactly what he said he would gets raked over the coals. Maybe Hoover did us a favor by voting down the lease.

JM more than 2 years ago

Reading Comprehension 101

From the earlier article:
But a majority of council members were not satisfied with what was presented to them. Councilmen John Lyda, Mike Shaw and John Greene voted against both leasing the facility from the school board and subleasing it to Artists on the Bluff, and Councilman Curt Posey joined them in voting against the sublease to the artist group.
And the pertinent sentence containing what I am suggesting you need to comprehend:
*** Councilman Curt Posey joined them in voting against the sublease to the artist group***
Had he voted to sub-lease on the original vote, this entire situation WOULD NOT EXIST, since the AotB would have the option for the sub-lease. My directed anger, as you put it, is toward the man whose vote, cast the other way, would have cleared the way for you and the other artists to have a studio.
Maybe your parents can fund you in finding another location. Others may not have a bankroller. And counselor "gets a pass" not now...and certainly not once the building is torn down. I doubt Hoover did any artist a FAVOR by voting down the lease and I find it weird that you have contorted yourself into suggesting it. Since you are such a Posey apologist, maybe he'll return the support by helping you move out of the building. Seems only fair....or maybe I should say...maybe he'll do you a favor.

Still Disgusted...yep more than 2 years ago

Is this or Hoover Sun?

Am I on the wrong website here? Since when do we bash the good name and character of elected officials, especially one who lives down the street from me IN BLUFF PARK? I was madder than a wet hen when I heard the news, but instead of slamming the council on a message board, I picked up the phone and called them. After all, they are public servants, and guess what? They listened and I listened. What I found out was there is a whole lot more to the story than what is written here. This story goes all the way back to May and the biggest sticking point has a sum of money possessed by the AOTB board that no one can locate. This sum of money is the rent that the artists paid to the board that never made its way to the school system. I also found out....from my neighbor, public enemy #1.....that there is no impending intent to tear as much as a floorboard out of that building right now. In fact, there are ongoing discussion amongst city leaders to preserve the original part of the building. Like I said, there's a lot more to this than a single vote cast two weeks ago. Lots of water passed under, over, and around the bridge before that vote factored into the equation. My suggestion to you sir would be to give these men a call and find out for yourself why they voted this measure the way they did on both occasions. Find out what is going on behind the scenes. We didn't elect a panel of dummies, and from what I can tell, this was not an easy decision to make. Their phone numbers and emails are made public on the city of Hoover website. Like my daddy always said, don't criticize a man until you walk a mile in his shoes.

Rob Smith more than 2 years ago

Thank You Rob

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you man-splaining to me how things work. How positively chagrined I am that your feelings were so injured by my displeasure with your neighbor...IN BLUFF PARK. And how quaint your notion that I be spanked by you for maligning the good name and character of elected officials while you feel free to run rampant with your own case of besmirching by publishing an accusation of theft on the part of the AotB board. We do have a high opinion of ourselves don't we? I am not a "sir" and you don't know that I haven't made the calls you suggest that I make.
Thanks again' is de best!

Disgusted...but mansplained. more than 2 years ago

Personal thoughts

Not only is there learning and artistic growth going on here at Artists on the Bluff, my students and I have received so much more. Friendships and support outside of class have developed a life of their own. This has been a place to nurture interpersonal wellbeing and truly feel a sense of community. From the young elementary school classes, the teen classes, those with special needs, and the adults all desiring to expand their talents and increase the feelings of true personal accomplishment have found a place to do that here. My heart aches for the spirit of this old building which is caught in the middle of past and future without a voice of her own. I'm only aware of the present and all the wonderful and excited students, teachers, artists and community who pass through her doors. I salute this proud old lady for being the nurturing grandmother she has been to the city and all of us who have had the opportunity to love her.

Sandra Fuller more than 2 years ago

Council's legacy

I have an idea. Let's tear down "paradise and put up a parking lot." We've done that in so many places in Hoover and the trend continues. We had no money for a genuinely unique and beautiful place, but we could make it easier for companies via tax breaks to build those parking lots.

K. Kolb more than 2 years ago

Why not just tear down part of it?

Seems like the school is going to tear down the building anyhow. Isn't that building a little big anyhow? Could they not ear most of it down and still have room for an artists community? If they're going to spend the money anyhow to tear it down, why no leave the front of the building for the artist and let them raise the money to address the issues with that one part of the building? I'm just throwing that out there. I may be misjudging the size of the building.

Richard more than 2 years ago

Tit for tat

Maybe next time some developer wants to raze fifty acres of green space and scab it over with ANOTHER glass and asphalt retail mausoleum--- the city should make them agree to establish a fund that would support cultural arts and nature initiatives. In this case, $1 - 4 mil looks pretty puny compared to the $20 mil
we just gave away at Trace Crossings.

ex-Moonlight more than 2 years ago

Preserve this Historic Building

There are so few historic buildings in Hoover, it would be a horrible thing to tear down this building. So the city is about to spend millions (mostly federal grants) to expand the sidewalks in Bluff Park, to walk past what - an empty lot? The city is also about to spend millions to expand the sidewalks in the neighborhoods of Ross Bridge and The Preserve. Yes, find some federal grant money to save this historic building. On this issue, I am completely biased - I went to Bluff Park Elementary in the 80s and I also still live in the community. I hope that other Hoover residents outside of Bluff Park agree with the desire to preserve historical buildings in our city because there aren't but a few of them.

Lisa more than 2 years ago

Bluff park school

I agree with you we cannot let it be torn down!

Leigh Williams more than 2 years ago

Save Bluff Parks History

I live in Bluff Park and do not want to see the old school torn down! It would be tragic to lose such a wonderful piece of our history.

Marion Barnett more than 2 years ago

What Stinks?

Oh yeah, maybe that foul smell comes from the fact that the school board can quickly come up with 4 million to swoop in and steal the Riverchase school building from SMCS and the city of Hoover can spend 80+ million on a sports facility...but neither can come together and find the money to preserve the ONLY historic building in the city. Yep...that's the stink all right. "We support the arts" both say, as neither bother to actually support the arts. "We can't afford"...both say, as they proceed to break the bank on other projects. Just tell the truth city couldn't care less about Bluff Park until voting day rolls around, and you'd like nothing more than to tear down that building and expand the elementary so that BP parents would get off your case about rezoning. And those pesky artists...well dang, who cares about them? And that historic building...well's old and in the way. And then later when Hoover loses the only piece of history left to it and is nothing more than the collage of crappy 70's buildings lining Hwy 31....oops, our bad...sorry.

Holding My Nose more than 2 years ago

Does seem sad

I actually respect the idea that school board money should be spent where students are housed.
But as far as the city goes, it does seem like a good idea to preserve a historic building such as this.
Are there not any private donors out there who would be willing to give to help restore a historic building especially in light that it houses the arts? Seems like some donors could kill two birds with one stone.

??? more than 2 years ago

So Typical.

A school board with no stake in the community pretty much sums it up. Our area is already losing its personality. Who can honestly say they know where Hoover ends and Vestavia begins? Places like Artists on the Bluff create a sense of place and community. Thanks, school board, for erasing another bit of that which makes us a community.

Disappointed more than 2 years ago

Very Sad

So, will one of, if not the oldest building, in the city of Hoover will be left to fall down or will be torn down. When will our city recognize the need for historic preservation? Did the school board explore historic preservation grants? Will this end up being Hoover's train station? Once it is gone folks will long talk about it?

Is. this a message to Bluff Park that the city doesn't really care about you. The city has now condemned the community center at the park and now not supporting the historic school. The Bluff Park Art Show, which the city holds out as one of its premier events, traces its history back to that school.

I will end by saying to the city council, show us how much of the budget goes to support the arts, don't just provide lip service.

Frank Hrabe more than 2 years ago

No surprise here

We all expected this was coming. Administrators who are hired to save money and have no ties to the community have no problem selling or tearing down buildings that don't fit their narrative. Many give lip service to the arts and history but few really mean it. For almost 10 years the school system neglected Historic Bluff Park School and now they are surprised that the building needs work. The taxpayers paid for that facility and should expect their investment be maintained. We hear that money must be spent on the children's education well what about adult education, continuing education, enrichment education? A city without history has no soul. A city without the arts has no civility.

Linda Chastain more than 2 years ago

Comment on 'No Suprise Here'

I applaud your clarity of the situation!

Lynn Roberson more than 2 years ago