Alabama School Connection founder gets data on Hoover school employee pay



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“it reveals exactly what I thought it would.” I don't understand exactly what you "thought" it would reveal. Have you shared that with the public--since the records are also public?

Kay Kolb more than 3 years ago

Answer to Kay Kolb

I'm sure she will let us all know what she thought it would reveal. The request for the information was made to research one of Alabama School Connection's informative, factual and thought provoking articles. I can't wait to see what she writes. I'm sure it will help the parents of the children who attend Alabama's public schools understand how their tax dollars are spent as many of Alabama School Connection's articles are.

Gianna Zellner more than 3 years ago

What was revealed in the data

The data in the report revealed total compensation by employee: base salary, supplements, stipends, overtime, other compensation. Which is exactly what I thought it would reveal. Hoover school officials stalled for more than 15 months saying that information wasn't available in a report. But, in fact, it was. Which is exactly what I thought.

That's what I meant.

T P Crain more than 3 years ago