Making Tracks for Celiacs

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2nd Annual Making Tracks events

We would love for anyone wanting to race to join us! Help raise money for research on celiac disease and related autoimmune disorders, including gluten intolerance. At the gluten free food event - the focus is on education and awareness - and teaching those living on our strict gluten free diet how to cook healthy foods with some international flavor, using gluten-less ingredients (Sponsored by Belle Foods). At 10:30 you can enter the Gluten Free (GF) vendor fair and meet local GF food providers, taste some of their products, and get coupons for GF products and restaurants, attend a GF cooking demo, get testing information, and more! There are still tickets available ($5) each for a gluten free picnic lunch that follows on the covered patio (Provided by Shane's Rib Shack Valleydale). Reservations are required for the picnic - please email ticket requests to We can't wait to meet you!

Rebecca more than 6 years ago

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