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That picture has several of the Hale family members in it. In your book, there is a misprint of one of the flower girl's names. It is my mother. Her name was Marjorie Hale (Hillhouse). In your book I believe you had it as Margaret.

Marjo Gann more than 3 years ago

Explanation of Marjorie misprint

I was going back to look for this article to include in a FB post this week and noticed this comment. I am sorry I did not see it when it was posted two years ago. Just to be on the record and clear up the names. The name "Margaret" was what was printed in a newspaper article that Susan H C Kelley and I used that went with the photo. It is an article that is at the archives in the Hale Springs Ledger. We did not connect it to Majorie until after the first printing of the book. Later printings of the book have the correct name, "Marjorie." At least a nearly 100-year-old mistake is corrected now. I actually used the article and photo in several book talkes I did in 2017. -Heather

Heather Skaggs 335 days ago

Bluff Park

Thanks for the wonderful article, Heather. Appreciate all your research.

Barb Hayes more than 3 years ago

Reply to Barb

Most welcome Barb

Heather more than 3 years ago

Bluff Park annexations

I have lived in Bluff Park since 1966. Lately The annexation date of 1985 has been used for Bluff Park. That is incorrect. Annexations were done by petition and our subdivision was annexed in 1978. Other areas came in slowly at later dates as residents applied to come into the city. Actually Rocky Ridge was one of the last older areas annexed. So many long time residents have noted this error and commented on it. Perhaps more research might be appropriate. There are a number of long time residents who would be an excellent resource.

Linda more than 3 years ago

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Annexation was a long process in the late 70s as you have noted in your comment, and by 85 all "parts" of Bluff Park had been annexed. 85 is the city's "official" date so to speak when it was all Hoover. Here are two articles. You will like. more than 3 years ago