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Moonlight on the Mountain 585 Shades Crest Road, Hoover, Alabama

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Time listed above is incorrect--

Showtime at Moonlight is (nearly always) at 7:30pm--- NOT 5pm as listed above. Doors open at 6:45--

Keith Harrelson more than 6 years ago

Last show for this great Birmingham quartet!

It's been one full year exactly of fun and excitement for this fine Birmingham band, starting right here last January at The Moonlight-- and now we host their final performance, as fiddler Sue Nuckols will soon migrate westward to Hawaii, leaving her three mates to decide how to proceed from here. Worry not--- Kendra Sutton (glissando piano, searing vocals), Sarah Green (country-folk guitar, provocative vocals), and Eric Onimus (bass, facial shrubbery) each have a selection of other musical projects to keep them busy--- but the special chemistry and friendship that fuels and fortifies this foursome will be hard to replicate. A rich mix of roots originals and surprise covers gives them one more chance to charm an audience--- don't miss it!

Pete Stein is an occasional visitor to our town--- a son of Virginia's Blue Ridge, he's wandered most of the country, and currently stores the less mobile portion of his belongings in Steamboat Springs, Colorado--- a place that awakens his alt-country Muse, and serves as a hub for his radiating journeys to share her gifts with his new-found friends in every direction. Pete's got a couple other shows nearby this week, but Moonlight will give him a pristine forum for bringing out his organic, beer-sippin', boot-heel best--

Keith Harrelson more than 6 years ago

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