Resistance arises to PetSuites Resort along John Hawkins Parkway



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Please don't approve this!

This lot just isn't the right place for business like this. Please find a more suitable area of hoover to build your business. Perhaps an area that isn't right in backyard of these homeowners! I sure would not want to live right next to this place.

Suzanne 73 days ago

Hoover literally going to the dogs

I guess the city will just allow any dang thing to be built now. FOUR car washes in about a 2-mile stretch of 150. Now this. Just a guess but I'll be this guy didn't even approach VH for any variances because they would've shut him down so he figured Hoover will allow anything so why not. Seems like the old Winn Dixie that's been vacant for YEARS over by I-459 would be a better spot. But hey, it's just a few homeowners, right? And really, what recourse do they have?

Bob, Hoover 75 days ago


Not just four car washes, we're now getting another Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers at The Grove, less than a mile away from the one adjacent to this PetSuite site. It's outrageous.

Bill, Hoover 63 days ago

Pet Resort

My deepest sympathy to the homeowners who will be near this proposed facility. The noise from those barking dogs will be unbearable if they are allowed outside, Good luck selling your house if you want to move. With all of the empty commercial property in Hoover, why is this even being considered being built next to a residential area?

Meredith, Hoover 76 days ago

Cedar’s Grille

Anybody got an explanation as to why a closed restaurant is asking for additional parking area?

SG 76 days ago

Read closer

It doesn't state that the restaurant is asking for it. It just states where it's being built. Perhaps a new business moving in is requesting it... or perhaps it's being built to make that building more attractive for future business? But the closed restaurant didn't request it.

Raymond B 76 days ago

Not for the Grill

The site is currently occupied by the St. Vincent's Hoover Medical facility. I can't imagine why the author of this story either didn't know, didn't research or just drive by the place before submitting this story. So in answer to your question....a closed restaurant isn't asking for additional parking, but a medical facility is.

Jay Peters 76 days ago


The business that applied for permission to build the parking lot was Grille One Inc. And please note that this was just a brief mention at the end of a story about something else. Sorry for any confusion.

Jon Anderson 76 days ago