Vapeology 2

Photo by Jon Anderson

Randy Toffel opened his Vapeology shop in Lorna Brook Village in Hoover, Alabama, in July 2014.

Hoover considers new restrictions for location of pawn shops, payday loan, tobacco, vape stores



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Vape & Payday Loan Restrictions

Thank you Hoover City Councilors for having the intelligence to keep Hoover from looking like Bessemer or Tarrant!

Robert Wickham 268 days ago

Hoover restrictions on business owners.

I personally don't think the government, City-state or federal should regulate business owners. They are selling legal products and paying taxes.The proposal to prohibit business not to be 500 feet from residential and 1200 feet from a school is so funny. ( I'm trying to be nice) What does this accomplish? Nothing. I do not vape or visit pawn shops. I'm just a business owner who does not like to see any proposals prohibiting any business.

Vito Rosato 269 days ago


Hoover should appreciate the businesses they have instead of treating them like an unwanted child. That’s just bold and hurtful to business owners.

Matt 269 days ago