Carmike wants to sell beer, wine at Hoover movie theaters



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What's the issue?

There shouldn't be any restrictions on the beer/wine sales in the theater. There aren't restrictions on the restaurants in the area, are there? A one register/one drink policy would tank the whole point of the offering - just think about the patron logjam that would occur and who would get blamed? Carmike, of course - not the City of Hoover - which would end up causing lost business and complaints to Carmike and, ultimately, lost tax income to the city. People will still sneak in alcohol to the theater if they absolutely want it, possibly even more so if the logjam at the one register causes people to miss parts of their movie. In other communities, a full bar is available in the theaters...but Carmike's business plan hasn't caught up to other competitors yet - that's why the request for beer/wine only. Personally, I already enjoy visiting theaters outside my community to watch movies because the experience is much better with food and drink options than Carmike provides. It would be nice to have those same opportunities in Hoover and spend my entertainment dollars here instead. It would be nice if Carmike stepped up and started offering better amenities overall regardless (and cocktails).

Chip more than 2 years ago

Good Grief

So now people can't enjoy a movie unless they are drinking alcohol? Remind me not to drive anywhere near the theater when the shows let out. I'm quite surprised that the Police Department is fine with this. Just because the councils in the other cities mentioned allow this, it doesn't mean that Hoover has to. Good grief.

Meredith more than 2 years ago

It's not that major

Then don't drive close to any restaurants either, since they serve alcohol too.

Katie more than 2 years ago

Wake Up!

Most theaters around the country offer alcohol!

Trent more than 2 years ago


I hope you don't drive near any restaurants, music venues, sports stadiums, or in any residential areas. Because there are people in all those places (gasp!) drinking alcohol. Clutch your pearls a little tighter, and see if that helps.

Gina more than 2 years ago


Some people hear alcohol and assume everyone coming out is going to be drunk. Gina, Trent and Katie could not have said it better. Might be best to never leave home because there are day drinkers too!

Amanda more than 2 years ago

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