New name unveiled for $80 million Hoover sports complex



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Unbamafied Again

All this space and no basketball courts...Who engineered this?

Ronshony Belcher 178 days ago

Name of sports complex

I would have done something like "The HUB". - Hoover United Base for Sports and Events. This would have given credit to Hoover and had an easy name to remember. I know this is a done deal but why are you giving the state of Alabama the credit ?

DStewart more than 1 year ago

BAM! Sez Emeril

Don't forget that Emeril Lagasse's signature phrase was "BAM!"

I hope you didn't pay that marketing firm much money.

Karl Vanhooten more than 1 year ago

Audio Recording of Meeting

Dan Fulton more than 1 year ago

No Auburn Fans

Well I guess you can count out any Auburn fans from visiting. As all but one of the comments are negative, I hope the new mayor and council will take heed and correct this horrible mistake. Personally, I plan to write to them asking that they fix this and encourage everyone else to do the same.
They might also want to think about hiring a new promotional company if this is the best they can do.

Jim P more than 1 year ago

BAM! You blew it.

Please, new council - change this name.

Also, I don't think it has to have Alabama in the name. If the state wants to contribute, then consider it. But nothing wrong with Hoover Met Sports Complex or something to that extent.

Also, please stop payment on the check to whomever came up with this ridiculous name.

Alan W more than 1 year ago

BAM is already taken

We already have a BAM in this area.... Books-A-Million markets itself as BAM! Google search BAM, what comes up first????

HooverResident more than 1 year ago

Another BAM in the area

There is also a restaurant in Cahaba Heights named BAM. Apparently whoever chose this name for the sports complex didn't do a Google search first to see who was already using the name.
Hoover residents should have been involved in naming the facility and we certainly would not have chosen this one!

Hoover Resident more than 1 year ago

Please tell me this is a joke..

This name is ridiculous. I won't feel a sense of pride saying this; i'll hang my head and mumble 'the bam' b/c I'm so embarrassed this name got past the approval process. Hoover is a well-educated, progressive, beautiful city. Surely we could have come up with a name that better suits this complex that we are paying our hard earned dollars for. Why didn't the citizens get to vote?!

SJohnson more than 1 year ago

You can't be serious

This name is a joke. How about BAMboozled?!

Joe Zellner more than 1 year ago

This is on the sports facility website

"BAMplified! BAMbitious! BAMazing!"

So embarrassing. No class whatsoever.

Embarrassed Hoover resident more than 1 year ago

An opportunity lost

Lets set aside for a moment that Hoover residents are funding a complex for which the narrative, branding & programming have - to this point - revolved around the needs of out-of-town visitors vs. the needs of our youth athletic programs.

But now, when naming the facility that is supposed to put us "on the map", we forego using "Hoover" because we are afraid people won't know where it is? This facility has hosted the SEC baseball tournament for years and The College Cup. The HHS football team - well known around the south and once the subject of a national TV program - plays their games there.

We are not attempting to build a regional or national profile from scratch. "Hoover", "Hoover Metropolitian Stadium" and "The Met" are recognized, well-known and 'sticky' names. Why not build upon them? We have worked hard to establish this foundation and I don't understand the benefit in turning our back on it when branding our most aggressive initiative in decades.

Using "Alabama" rather than building on "Hoover Met" is confusing, bifurcated and ultimately dilutes the overall impact and synergies possible. To an outsider, they now sound like two separate facilities in two separate locations, rather than one overall complex.

Using "Alabama" over "Hoover" is insulting to city residents. This is a facility located in Hoover and paid for by Hoover. "Hoover" ought to be front and center in each and every name selected. Why was the Birmingham Crossplex - which was also built to attract outside events - able to be branded with its city's name but ours cannot? The Crossplex website has links to Birmingham attractions, the city's website and functions as a synergistic portal to other Birmingham activities. What an opportunity Hoover is losing.

Besides, the supposed 'burden' of educating visitors on Hoover still exists:

"Where is your softball tournament this weekend?"
"The Alabama Sports and Events Center."
"Huh? Where is that?"

Put Hoover in the name, plant our flag in the facility, and rightfully claim it as our own. As if recognizing that point, the article briefly mentions a THIRD name...the Hoover Met Sports District that is intended to describe the whole complex. This is a better choice, but they aren't developing websites for it, making hats for it, or writing articles about it. Its not being given much marketing horsepower and it may well be an after thought or left behind. I hope not."Hoover Met Sports District" is a much more appropriate choice as a "front and center" name.

Chris Monti more than 1 year ago


I couldn't agree more! I live in Trace Crossings and am very excited about this for our city but the name is terrible. Our Hoover City taxes are helping to fund this $80 million complex and deserves to be recognized in the name.

Amy Jenkins more than 1 year ago

Good grief!

How awful. We're paying that company tons of money and that's the best they could come up with? They should have had a contest and let Hoover residents submit names. We know our city better than these outsiders. Any time BAM is mentioned, Chef Emeril Lagasse will come to mind as that's his trademark saying. Good grief.

Hoover Resident more than 1 year ago

The Bam???

How much did Hoover pay someone to come up with that name. It's embarrassing! Please Hoover we are better than this!

HelpMePlease more than 1 year ago