Lake Cyrus shooting victim identified



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Mike Gilotti shooting

The senselessness of this crime is so stunning that it renders a level of grief & pain that is emotionally, psychologically, & spiritually almost paralyzing. I did not know the victim, but in just one look at his photos, I saw more warmth, kindness, integrity, gentle humanity & character than I've ever gazed upon in an instant before. He just exuded goodness. I can only hope & pray that the individual who stole this precious life ,thus shattering the lives of all who knew & loved him , will summon enough decency to spare his family, friends, & all those who so proudly knew him or knew of him, by coming forth as a man to apologize from the heart & halt the need for a torturous investigation. Mike's family ,friends & fans deserve that gesture of ( & compassion. As inconceivable as it sounds & seems after what this killer did, I'm praying that God will somehow move this man to find the strength to confess & repent. If God can love & forgive this killer, then we must allow His grace to move us to accept this killer's remorseful admission.

Susan Beaty more than 2 years ago

April HV Sun