Hoover council listens to rezoning concerns



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Council and Enrollment in Schools

One way to build up enrollment in a school such as Trace Crossing is to make the school a magnet/alternative school.
Parents may transfer students from other schools in the district. Those schools overcrowded will tend to have some relief by students transferring to Trace Crossing. No rezoning required! Diversity tends to not be an issue.
Trace Crossing becomes an "Art in Education" School with many art opportunities not possible in every school--dance and drama/ theater program, visual art with artist in residence, advanced music instruction ( voice,instrument, piano and organ, violin).
In fact, when I was assigned to Lakeview School in 1975, we made Lakeview an "Art in Education" K-8 School.
See the following videos about Lakeview School:

Dan Fulton more than 3 years ago