Photos by Jon Anderson.

Hoover Mayor Frank Brocato tried to lure the hospital to Hoover, but some council members opposed a proposed $20 million incentive package. Read more

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UAB Medical West rendering

Rendering courtesy of city of Hoover

The meeting is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Sunday in the banquet room at Hoover Metropolitan Stadium. Read more

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Medical West 6-7-18 (5)

Photo by Jon Anderson

Medical West is looking to spend $412 million to build a new 220-bed hospital in the Interstate 459 corridor. The question is where. Read more

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Medical West 6-7-18 (1)

Photo by Jon Anderson

UAB Medical West officials have said they are looking for a place to build a new hospital but have not decided if, when or where to do it. Read more

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Mayor Frank Brocato has asked the City Council to consider $20 million in incentives to lure a $300 million project that he says would bring 1,000 jobs to Hoover. Read more

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The Medical West freestanding emergency department in western Hoover in May celebrated its first anniversary, noting 15,738 patients served in a year’s time. Read more


  • I-459 Ala 150 interchange sketch

    Image courtesy of city of Hoover

    I-459 Ala 150 interchange sketch

    The city of Hoover's proposed comprehensive plan includes ideas for future development near the intersection of Interstate 459 and Alabama 150. The top image shows the current area on the southwest side of the interchange, while the sketch below shows the Stadium Trace Village shopping center already under construction, potential hospital or office development next to Stadium Trace Village and a potential flyover exit to get to the hospital/office site and provide an alternate road link to Trace Crossings.

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