Trace Crossings is 'elephant in the room' at Hoover school rezoning meeting



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Trace IS the Place

I have to say that I am shocked that anyone wouldn't want to send their child to Trace Crossings. As a Samford University graduate I had the pleasure of spending time at Trace Crossings through a partnership that has been built between Samford and Trace. During my time at Trace Crossings I saw nothing short of excellence. Trace is an innovative school with technology use and STE(a)M education. They have always been dedicated to teaching and learning, especially since the leadership of Ms. Barber who is a phenomenal instructional leader.

I challenge reluctant parents to really take the time to get to know the current Trace Crossings. I absolutely understand that all families want what is right for their children, and I truly believe that if you are looking for the best a school can offer...Trace IS the place.

Jamie Underwood more than 4 years ago

Please stay away =)

As a VERY satisfied Trace Crossings parent, I would love nothing more than to keep our class sizes the way they are and, if I'm completely honest, keep other students from Deer Valley and South Shades Crest out of our school. We enjoy an amazing student to teacher ratio. We have specialized learning programs that no other school in this district has (to my knowledge). We have one of the best school administrators I have EVER had the privilege of knowing (Carol Barber). Before going to Trace, our three children were in a private school and doing very well. They tested well above average and often required individualized learning strategies to keep them engaged and challenged. Since going to Trace, we never saw a decline in the quality of education or the individualized attention to our children that the former private school provided. We almost didn't buy our house in Trace Crossings because of the score the school was given on the website that real estate search engines frequent. Luckily we heard from many people that it was most likely a "glitch" and if there was something wrong, they would be fixing it quickly. We feel like we won the lottery. We live in a great neighborhood, we got a great price for our house, the school is incredible and yet, people hold tightly to a false perception of the school we love (and have many great experiences to speak of). So I say, fine by us!!! Let's keep Trace Crossings the best kept secret in the district. If the parents from other schools want to keep their kids in an overcrowded situation and aren't willing to drive 10-15 minutes to a better situation - that's great!!! Don't rezone! Everybody gets what they want. =)

But seriously...the district is looking out for the needs of all children in the district. If they need to rezone, they'll do it carefully and with the bigger picture in mind. At the end of the day, the TCES family would happily make room for more students if that was the best thing for the school district. Yes, Trace has an unusually high number of children that come from home situations that make it harder for them to excel and test well. But if you take out the INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS test score anomaly in 2012, what you will see is that the faculty and staff of TCES has consistently overcome the challenges presented by students that come from families and situations that make learning more difficult. The test scores have been improving the past couple of years in spite of the MUCH higher ratio of students that shouldn't be scoring well on those tests. Simple math would tell you that the school has raised the bar for ALL students in spite of the challenges. If the average is in the 80's - that is AMAZING. That means that in spite of some students testing much lower than average, the rest of the students are testing very well to make up for it.

I can personally guarantee that all three of my children have received an EXCELLENT educational experience at Trace Crossings.

Ben Kuykendall more than 4 years ago

Y'all be cray.

This article is almost laughable to me. We've been at TCE for three years and have honestly and truly been in awe at what an amazing school it is, from the administration to the teachers to programs offered. When I heard about the rezoning my initial thought was, "great! Finally more people will get to experience how awesome Trace is." A student in my son's class this year transferred to Trace from DVES, and yet another student transferred from South Shades Christian. The bad press is so 2012, friends. Please stop believing it! I fully understand, however, how traffic concerns would be a consideration with any school selection.

Jenna Kuykendall more than 4 years ago