Superintendent to meet with Hoover High students, parents about racial slur



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Actions Begat Consequences...

This teacher must either RESIGN or be FIRED.

There is no way this teacher could step foot back in a classroom in HHS (or the Hoover City school system) and not have lost her credibility among those students (and parents as well). For her to otter the n-word was one thing, but to then REPEAT it when asked to clarify what was said; REPULSIVE. She knew exactly what she was doing and there is NO recover from that. A due process will be given and hopefully everyone will accept the outcome.

Hoover Parent more than 2 years ago

Should not be fired

Firing her seems like a big overreaction. I will not defend her use of the word and hopefully, this controversy alone will be enough of a lesson for her. But we have to get away from this thinking that one mistake should damage or destroy someone's career. Whatever happened to giving people second chances? She's probably scared to death and embarrassed. I'll bet it never happens again with her.
If we start firing everyone who ever utters something offensive, there won't be very many people left with jobs. Now if it was habitual, we could be having a different conversation....

Fellow resident more than 2 years ago

Lesson learned

The teacher should NOT be fired. I'm quite certain she learned a very tough lesson, and based on this event, she'll likely never say it again. Keep in mind this affects lives... people get fired and even have a mark on their record.... sure she should have thought before speaking, but let's not make this a life-altering event when you have clowns in the NFL doing worse but nothing is done because of the 1st amendment. IMO, penalize the teacher in some form, but firing is not the answer. You can discipline someone without destroying their lives. Put yourself in her shoes... if you got a 2nd chance, I'm certain most people would learn a valuable lesson. The students may have been offended, however they are not scarred for life... I'm quite certain they hear that word every now and then from fellow students... and they are still ok and not scarred. I wish the n-word could just be banned... but let's absolutely not fire anyone just for saying it.

Fellow Hoover Resident more than 2 years ago

Fire her

It goes beyond the comment-it goes with the type of thinking and racist beliefs that even allowed her to say that to African American students no less. It comes down to she has racist beliefs and leanings, and should not be teaching children. She’s poison. I wouldn’t want that around my kids. If she’s capable of using that ugly, vile word in front of children, and that’s how she thinks-she’s got to go. The damage is done, and she can no longer teach effectively.

Allie more than 2 years ago


Good thing Kathy Murphy and company are in charge. If she gets fired, then so be it... and if not, so be that as well. People often jump the gun after not even knowing someone and their background, circumstances, context, the entire situation, etc. I'm certain she can still teach effectively, and no damage is permanently done. As it was stated, these kids have heard that word plenty of times and still function just fine. I guess we'll find out soon enough the final verdict....

Raymond B more than 2 years ago

Should definitely be fired

Firing her does NOT seem like an overreaction. She knows the consequences of using that word and she still chose to use it. She is a grown woman and she should be held accountable for her actions if she gets fired oh well she brought this onto herself. Also just because we hear this slur used through out our society does not mean it's okay for people to use especially towards someone who is African American. Yes we have the first amendment but that does not excuse the language she used, there are limitations on the first amendment. If a black teacher said anything along those lines to a white student you would be flipping your s*** and demanding for them to be fired so let's not play now. Secondly why would you want someone who is racist to be teaching your children or any children at that? Do you want people to put racist and negative views on the fresh and developing minds of these children? These students are coming to school to learn in a safe and open environment where they can be themselves and not live in fear of coming to school and being called the n word or any POC being called any type of racial slur. Honestly this is quite disrespectful and out of pocket. If the situation was switched around y'all would make this much more of a big deal so she should be held accordingly point blank period. This behavior should not be tolerated in any situation. We need to hold people accountable for their actions or they will just think it's okay and they can get away with it. I had this same teacher last year and I could tell from day one and so on that she wasn't right, that she had racist views, and she definitely treated me and the other few African Americans in the class differently than she treated the causcians. Therefore I feel she should be fired for her lack of respect towards these students.

HHS Alumni more than 2 years ago

I think differently

You mentioned if a black teacher said something, how I'd react. Frankly, you don't know me.. and I personally would not overreact at all. I have an even keel. If a black teach called my son a "cracker", I would expect that teacher to be reprimanded - NOT fired - because again, I do believe in 2nd chances, and I DO believe people can learn from mistakes. My kid would get over being called that and move on... And you said you didn't want your kids taught by a racist. Well, this might be news, but we're in Alabama, and I promise you that by the time your kid graduates, they will have been taught by a racist at some point. Of course, not everyone will come across that way, but they are there. There are plenty of blacks that are racist too (and probably for good reason)... but it doesn't take away from the fact that they are. In the end, the school district will make a decision which everyone will have to live with. They will have the hard facts and not just what we read online. There may not be a definitive right or wrong answer here, but something will happen, and the gavel will fall either way. Firing someone should be a last resort because that can destroy lives.

Raymond B more than 2 years ago

Teacher rights

Too much fuss over nothing! WHAT ARE THE FACTS?
What about rights,Freedom of Speech?And
How about the language used through out our society?
So much profanity publicly used in music,in the movies,in TV series,everyday conversations,etc.
Is it stupidity , insolence and disrespect for authority or just plain ill manners?
To be concise and to the point , the Hoover school teacher in question Should NOT be fired.

glenn more than 2 years ago

Freedom of Speech

Yes, we have freedom of speech. The right does not necessarily protect us from the possible consequences of saying inappropriate things.

In a professional setting, all of us would face consequences and many of us would be fired for making similar comments.

I don't have an opinion regarding the teacher as I don't know the situation. I have confidence the administrators will make the appropriate decision based on the facts they discover.

NP more than 2 years ago