Some legislators support removing cap on property taxes for Hoover, Homewood



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Here's a thought... stop overcrowding schools by not continuing to build hundreds of new homes and apartments that will only add to the overcrowding!

Bob W. more than 2 years ago

Vote Them Out-of-Office

Vote any politician who is not firmly against removing the cap on property taxes out of their office. Do not be fooled by any school administrator who says the cap should be removed because their school system needs more money; have you ever heard any school administrator say her school system does not need more money? Of course not; seeking more and more money from higher and higher taxes is part of a school administrator's job! Throwing more and more money into our schools does not necessarily mean kids will get a better education. Competent school administrators know this (but though won't admit it). Instead of higher taxes, demand better educators. If hoover raises more taxes for education, more of Hoover's tax proceeds will go eleswhere -- to help so-called underfunded educational systems in other counties far away in Alabama. The more-taxes advocates are really advocating for redistribution of income from Hoover to poor counties in Alabama. No true conservative politician can support this, and if they say they do, vote them out-of-office.

Barry V. Frederick more than 2 years ago

Hoover Sun