Some communities saved from rezoning in revised Hoover school proposal



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Dr. Ed

I'm a parent of a BP student as well. Please contact me to discuss our options.

Anthony more than 2 years ago

Big changes

There were some big changes in the new zoning proposal. Nobody will be 100% happy, but I'm breathing a sigh of relief that compromises were made for the better.

Brian Batchelor more than 2 years ago

Only Rich New Neighborhoods Matter

This is just awful, Bluff Park streets .9 miles from Bluff park elementary are rezoned to a school that is the 4th farthest away. I purchased this home in hoover and not Homewood solely because of the schools, now it’s all be changed and the school board is VIOLATING the exact original reason we are in this mess. It’s one thing to be rezoned to a closer school, or even the 2nd based on capacity, but to ask an elementary student to go from being driven by family .9 miles to being bussed 5 miles across two busy roads is unacceptable.
Bluff Park elementary was not full, the largest class was already set to graduate and the smallest class (1st grade) is the one most affected.
Also, isn't it convenient that the newer developments or very expensive houses did NOT get rezoned as originally proposed but only the working class homes that have been around for a while? How is this not cherry picking and gerrymandering? I cannot wait for the next lawsuit; the school board has devalued property all over Hoover but is catering to the richest and newest developments.
Does the city council not care about property value and community schooling? Do we only matter if we live in $500k plus homes in the Preserve or Ross Bridge? Do those of us who can’t buy in 1 or 2 choice locations not deserve a quality education at the nearest school for our children? I encourage all who read this to speak out, with all forms of media, but also with their votes.

Dr. Ed more than 2 years ago