School rezoning becomes reality



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Deer Valley Elementary

So one big loser in this is Deer Valley Elementary which is already busting at the seams and is now ADDING back 5th grade. It won't be long until there are even more portable classrooms there. Although, thankfully, all my kids have aged out of Hoover schools, I live within spitting distance of DVES so those inevitable portable classrooms will be a great selling point for potential home buyers in the area. Not to mention the traffic, which is already horrible in the mornings and afternoons will now have an additional grade (200+ kids?) to deal with.

I actually feel for the BOE and school system because they're just trying to make the best out of what is quickly becoming a disastrous situation brought on by the mayor and city council indiscriminately throwing up homes & apartments anywhere there is a vacant lot. Their main focus is adding new car washes, grocery stores and other businesses that will eventually join the myriad of those at The Grove, Patton Creek and other places along 150 that have gone out of business.

Bob 268 days ago

Deer Valley

Deer Valley enrollment will drop. I believe that all the Lake Cyrus kids will now go to Shades Crest and Brock's Gap.

Marc Heard 268 days ago

Costs of mandate

Costs of these mandated changes appear to about a million dollars. Will the federal government pick up these costs? Of course not. The taxpayers of Hoover will be forced to pay for they don't want one more time. Who is looking out for Hoover's beleaguered taxpayers??

Lindsey 269 days ago

Birchtreee, Pinewood, Highland Crest

The School Board needs to reevaluate the Birchtree, Pinewood and Highland Crest children going to TCES. These few children will be the only ones in the district that do not go to a "feeder" elementary school. At the end of fifth grade, instead of going with their classmates to Bumpus, they will go to Simmons. Everyone at Simmons will know at least a third of the otter students, except the five or six children that had to go to TCES. They will only know four of five other students. Due to this unfair treatment of these neighborhoods, the home values will decline substantially.

Enclaved 270 days ago

Birchwood Pinewood Highland Crest

I certainly do not think that will devalue your homes— you are still zoned for a great Hoover school

Resident since 1993 269 days ago

Bus timing

Just found the bus schedule for my neighborhood that is being rezoned to TCES. Since we are not allowed to go to our community school anymore, we will have to catch the bus 45 minutes earlier than last year for Gwin. That is an hour and ten minutes before school starts. Our neighborhood children could walk to Gwin in less time.

Enclaved 269 days ago

Hoover Sun