Parents focus on community and diversity at third rezoning meeting



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I'm not sure I understand...

Why is the rezoning committee only focused on the rights of the apartment students? These students are the ones who move the most. So sure, let's change everything for them. They won't be there in 4 months, but I will still be in my house.

Joan Hobbs more than 4 years ago

Bluff Park is the poor part of Hoover?

Someone said that to me years ago when my children were stlll in high school at HHS. I guess that is the attitude of the rezoning committee.

Karen Harper more than 4 years ago

New Private Schools

These types of rezoning antics are likely to cause a private school spinoff. I saw this in Dothan 20 years ago. The county schools ballooned and 2 private schools were created. The existing private schools ballooned. The net effect was a pitiful city school system.

Brian Batchelor more than 4 years ago

Green Valley

Did no one speaks for Green Valley?

Sara Love Rast more than 4 years ago

Hoover Sun