Parents discuss timeline, extent of rezoning at community meeting



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Dan Fulton more than 4 years ago


My aggravation is that Hoover has annexed areas in Bessemer down south shades crest and keeps on building us out of our Hoover high school and problem of students going to Hoover that don't really live in Hoover that is a shame u would seriously think about another Hoover high school possibly tear down the unfunctional old berry high school and stop the craziness if thinking u can bus kids way over to Spain park when just last year we couldn't afford the bus system

John Rumore more than 4 years ago


My 9th grader at Hoover high school is very committed to her sport team and her academics. We are very concerned about being moved for the reasons of safety of driving such a long distance for my child whom will b a driver soon because of the distance and he traffic that we have experienced fur the Spain park school system. Since my daughter practices everyday because her sport is continues throughout the whole year and she doesn't leave school until 6 no teenager should b put in that situation driving home in traffic late at night also it is so unfair that new neighborhoods get treated favorably over the bluff park area

Vallee Rumore more than 4 years ago

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