Marilyn Left, first principal at Greystone Elementary, dies at 75



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Great sister

Marilyn was my only sibling and 3 years older than me. Even when I was a toddler, she always included me in whatever she was doing. We never fought and always got along. Through the years, she was always there for me. She also inspired me in my educational and career choices and taught me that there was no goal that was unreachable. During my times of crises, she had my back and her positive attitude and love helped me overcome them. I will always carry a part of her in my heart.

Ginger Anderson more than 2 years ago


My mother was unique. She loved her family, she loved life an believed in living it to the fullest. She always saw the cup 1/2 full. She was adventurous and enjoyed being part of nature---the great outdoors.

My most memorable moment with my mom was probably when she came up to Cleveland (in the middle of a snow storm) after Nick was born and took care of him and me because Chris was in school full time and Nick had colic for the first couple weeks straight. That meant I had practically no sleep at that time. I got to heal after childbirth, finally.
We will miss her.

Susan Left Knudsen more than 2 years ago

Great Person

Marilyn always saw the good in people. She was not only very smart but she had a very big heart.Marilyn and Tony have left a gr4eat legacy with there 4 wonderful daughters and their grandchildren. God Bless

Gary Kolakowski more than 2 years ago