Hoover's decision to hold big graduation celebrated by some, derided by others



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Horrible, Selfish Idea

Wishing COVID-19 away isn't going to make it magically disappear. Those not wearing masks, going to events like this show a starling lack of empathy for their fellow community members. It's not all about you and your wants. You need to be complying with recommendations to protect our vulnerable community members.

Robert J 132 days ago


But yet isn't that what you're doing, making it all about you and your wants? And as for complying with recommendations to protect our vulnerable community members, the schools are. Also, there's something called freedom to choose. Vulnerable community members can choose to stay home. It's exactly what my parents do, and have done, for over a month now.

Beau Bree 131 days ago

This is risky!

I know how important graduation is to a senior. Been there. However, when people's lives are at risk, holding a graduation ceremony with that many people attending is not the best decision. I've seen first-hand that many people will not wear a mask in public or practice distancing. They don't care. After reading Dr. Solomon's comments that he doesn't find the death rate alarming, I can assure you that he will never be my dentist.

Meredith 132 days ago


I don't wear a mask in public and it's not that I don't care. I'm exceptionally respectful/mindful of others (way more than the last two generations.) But I draw a line when it comes to nonsense that tries to get me to conform by giving up my liberties. I will not be shamed by anyone into wearing a mask. In the future, if I feel it's necessary, I will do so, but to just make others feel better, not happening. If folks don't wanna risk getting infected with a virus that has flu-like rates, then stay home. It's called choice/freedom. Again, I applauded the decision to have graduation. Toughen up America!

Beau Bree 131 days ago


Absolutely graduation should happen. For those on here who are terrified about it, stay home and get use to it because some folks don't want the restrictions lifted until after the election. Either way, the fear of a few shouldn't dictate what the majority want to do. Freedom to choose, it's how America works.

Beau Bree 132 days ago

Murphy is wrong about the risk

Incredibly, Murphy "has a lot of confidence in community members that they will take proper precautions to protect themselves and others." Obviously, Murphy has not been to a Hoover Wal-Mart lately, at which unmasked and non-socially distanced shoppers prove Murphy's "confidence" is unfounded. Plus, attendees will come from places other than Hoover, which renders Murphy's "confidence" in members of the Hoover community nothing more than a ruse for having these risky graduating ceremonies. At a minimum, Murphy should make mask-wearing mandatory for all attendees of these ceremonies. Anyone who catches COVID-19 from attending or from anyone who attended, as shown by contact tracing, should sue Murphy and the Hoover school system for not mandating that all attendees wear masks.

Barry V. Frederick 132 days ago

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