Hoover schools seek grant money to expand pre-K program



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More malarky from Murphy

While on one hand, Murphy and Hoover's mismanaged school system is going to spend millions of our our tax dollars on demolishing and renovating Bluff Park space without even knowing what the space will be used for, on the other hand they are begging for a lot of more tax dollars for more pre-K space and program without even knowing whether "the program is making a difference" (evidence for which they are still "looking"). A classic case of mismanagement so astounding it should result in a replacement of the school system's management responsible for it, and that buck stops with Murphy, who always want more of our tax dollars. Plus, does anyone really believe that "one out of every 20 school-age children has a profound or serious mental health issue." The mental health issue lies in the minds of those who actually believe the malarkey and school officials, like Murphy, who espouse that malarkey. In typical fashion, they declare they have a problem that does not exist (certainly not at the astounding level they claim), so they can spend even more money (to fix a problem that does not exist at the level they claim). Murphy should be replaced before she bleeds our tax dollars dry with even more mismanagement.

Barry v. Frederick 254 days ago

Hoover Sun