Hoover schools end fiscal 2017 $27 million in the black



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So....why is there no money for Artists on the Bluff?

27 million in the black.. Well Done! Now, this info gives lie to the constant assertions that there was NO money available to bring the old Bluff Park school used by Artists on the Bluff up to code. Code violations found after the inspections were initiated by the school board. Hmmm. I guess she was counting on the usual short attention span of busy people to let this one slide through until it's time to shrug and say..."oh well, it's too late now, the artists have already moved out"

Jay Peters more than 2 years ago

Cash reserves HCS

Most of the $27 million is the remainder of the 1% sales tax bond money that was advanced from bond sales in 2007. Since our local legislators passed a local bill to give this $13.5 million annual revenue to the Jeffco general fund, the schools will only get about about $1.3 million a year.

Kelley more than 2 years ago

Can the relentless fundraising stop?

Maybe the daily fundraising notices for my kid's school can stop now. Because it is ridiculous. Or just tell me at the beginning of the year how much you need so I don't have to do all the fundraisers.

C Jones more than 2 years ago

Save more by stopping after school care

I do not want my tax dollars paying for after school care, babysitting others' kids. The Hoover school board should get Hoover's school system out of the after school baby-sitting business. Although this aricle makes it sound like the budget surplus was due to circumstances beyond the school board's control, which to some extent is true, nonethless the school board and the system should be commended for saving our tax dollars. Please don't spend the surplus on projects that will require on-going funding beyond ongoing income.

Barry V. Frederick more than 2 years ago

Parents pay for after school care

As I understand it, after school care is paid for by the parents. It is not supported with normal operating monies. Disclosure: I do not currently have any children attending the Hoover schools.

Nathan Patrick more than 2 years ago

After School Care Profit


After school care program actually generates a profit of $300,000

Nathan Patrick more than 2 years ago

I paid for After School Care at HCS

I'm not sure what you're talking about. The last time I checked, parents have to pay for that service. When my kids were at Rocky Ridge (it's been a couple years now), we had to pay per week for them to stay after school.

Mike more than 2 years ago

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