Hoover schools chief Kathy Murphy applies for state superintendent job



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Not really sad to see her go ...

I have found over the last 4 yrs that Hoover schools and staff have certainly taken a less parent friendly approach to communications and feedback. I have moved one of my kids, but the other is stuck in HHS with woefully poor teachers who have an one way communication policy that minimizes interaction with parents. We have already visited my child's new school at the request of the faculty 4 times and she hasn't started there yet. I certainly feel this starts at the top with her low expectations for teacher beyond saving pennies.

MARK more than 2 years ago


Maybe at the State level she can find other historic buildings to condemn and refuse to repair. Even better, if those buildings housed artists...Wow, what a boon for her!

Jay Peters more than 2 years ago

Dr Murphy

I can't imagine anyone more qualified/talented to lead at the state level than Dr. Murphy. I hope she gets the position.

Laurel Gambla more than 2 years ago

Dr. Murphy needs to go

You just want her out of Hoover, like everyone else. Promoted up!

Joe Blow more than 2 years ago