Hoover schools approach federal court deadline in rezoning case



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Too late?

I thought that last time they said March was too late to be pushing this through for the upcoming school year? Why is this time different? Resigning has an effect on try outs for the upcoming years sports and extra curricular activities too. It's just not right to do that to these kids.

AM more than 1 year ago

Get out of this

Other school districts in the Birmingham area were under antiquated desegregation orders from which they have been released. Hoover needs to be focusing on getting relaeased from under its out-dated desegregation order so it does not have to put up with this insanity of federal mandatory monitoring and control over the zoning of our schools, which disrupts the lives of so many in Hoover, of all races creeds and colors. Hoover School system, stop bending over backwards to the meddling feds, and get released from the ridiculously out-dated desegregation order.

Barry V. Frederick more than 1 year ago

Can we stop living in the past?

I want to first say that I'm not affected by the rezoning that will take place in Hoover soon. I get that we all want equal opportunities for our kids, white, black, Hispanic, etc... but this whole rezoning thing for the main purpose of trying to diversify Hoover schools is a bit insane. You are generally zoned based on where you live - not whether or not you live in an apartment, your skin color, or your annual income. Like the article mentions (and I know friends who will do this), people will just MOVE once they know they are zoned for a school they don't want to attend. We have blacks, whites, Chinese, Filipino, Hispanic, Aussies, Japanese, and many others spread out all amongst Hoover - and they will attend the school they are zoned to, and have good teachers at every school, at every grade. Hoover is not making any school better than another. This mandate is from nearly 50 YEARS AGO and is antiquated to say the least. We don't live in 1968 nor should we be acting like we did 50 years ago. We have black teachers, black principles, black mayors, black leaders, and also had a black President. IMO, this age-old mandate needs to be re-evaluated in the spirit of what it was meant to accomplish at the time. We are past this. If there were 5 total black families in Hoover, would it be required that 2 families go to HHS while the other 3 had to go to SPHS no matter where they lived???
I know there is a bit more to it, but it's still an out-dated way of thinking and it needs to be abolished. My .02. SMH...

We all bleed the same color more than 1 year ago