Hoover school officials reassess plan to return to 5-day in-person instruction



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Hoover City Schools return to 5 days a week

FACTS: Cases, that means people that have contracted covid19, but have not died from covid19, correct? Out of 13,424 students only 47 tested positive, and 1878 employees 61 tested positive? Dr. Amesha A. Adalja, MD from John Hopkins University center for Health & Security who is an emerging infectious disease specilist said, "its a small percentage of the worlds population that is susceptible to this virus."
This is a virus, that has less than .6% death rate of 350 million US citizens according to the CDC.
Hoover (all) parents are looking to receive reliable data from our health department, our elected officials and our school officials. Kids should be in a positive, regimented environment with social interactions daily with peers & the staff. Kids getting a Proper Education through in person 5 day a week instruction should be Deemed essential.

Tara F 17 days ago

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