Hoover school officials announce graduation details for Hoover, Spain Park



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Hoover High School Graduation

This graduation can be held safely with social distancing in such a large venue. It is very thoughtful of the school officials to make this decision and reduce the size of the normal graduation ceremony by 1/2. I hope people at high risk will continue to control their contact with the general public and stay safe.

John 138 days ago


This is classic "Say's You!" culture I'm not surprised coming from Hoover. I hope y'all stay down south of 459 while you hold mass graduation gatherings, ignore mask recommendations and go about your lives ignorantly like the real world won't effect you. Good people in Jefferson County have been trying hard to keep this virus contained. These graduations WILL make the national news for your defiance just like NYC's Hasidic communities and ignorant church attendees around the country who have since been struck with devastating outbreaks for ignoring the common-sense safety of social distancing. Hopefully all of the smart Birminghamians will social distance from all of YOU!

Birminghamian 139 days ago

No wonder virus is out of control

Really setting a good example for our young generation. Bow selfish to risk slll these libes during a pandemic. Sets the example it is OK to break rules. These kids probanly are not wearing masks in public spreading virus along with selfish parents.

Dixie Monroe 139 days ago



Amanda 139 days ago

So disappointed

After four years of educating students, this decision teaches them that it is okay to ignore the advice of health professionals. I am worried about those who attend. I am also worried about those in the community who do not attend but will now be exposed. Disgraceful decision.

Dana Ellis 139 days ago


We have stayed in for weeks trying to get a hold on this and I feel this is putting a lot of people in danger. Can you not do some kind of virtual graduation or something else? I understand the need to celebrate, but you are endangering people. Not right!

Kam Wiggins 140 days ago


I agree with everyone who is against holding a traditional Hoover High graduation ceremony. A safe alternative is the only appropriate solution and not that hard to create. Some people will definitely get sick and someone may even die and for what? I simply don't understand anyone who would that that chance with their beloved child and others. The evidence is out there! Do you really think the CDC is lying to you?

Patricia Nesmith 139 days ago

Bad decision

I guess you forgot about the pandemic?


Is This Really Worth It?

I am disheartened by the carelessness of school leaders in this decision and pray for the high risk populations who will inevitably pay the price of seniors having a photo opportunity with their families. There has got to be a more socially responsible way to celebrate a graduation.

Elizabeth 140 days ago


I just don't understand any organization that is willing to take such a risk. With all the data out there to show this virus is highly contagious, it makes no sense to move forward with this graduation ceremony. I hope and pray that they change their minds and come up with another, safer, alternative.

Bob Butler 140 days ago


What? This is one of the most irresponsible decisions I can imagine. I understand the desire to hold such events. They can be momentous occasions for the students and families. However, that many people in one place simply flies in the face of every single data and study we know about this highly contagious, deadly virus. It’s truly either horrifically ignorant or willfully moronic or a perhaps a bit of both. It’s unconscionable.

mark 141 days ago

Graduation Ceremonies

I am appalled this happening. I have a Senior at SPHS and we are not participating. I truly hope they weren't expecting all Seniors to bring their families and expose them to the possibilities of illness with this deadly virus

Dixie F Samaha 141 days ago

Agree with Mark!

Your response is 100% correct in my opinion. It is far too soon to have this many people in one place. We are grandparents of a graduate, and we will celebrate her in our own way, but will curtsy and say “no, thank you” to being there in person.

Dorotha Coltrane 140 days ago

So happy

This virus was a joke and these students worked hard to walk and they deserve it so glad they get to have this memory good job Hoover good job

Rebecca 140 days ago

Not a joke

New Yorker here. This virus is not a joke. Do you want what happened to us to happen to you?

NYC 139 days ago

Graduation on Wednesday

No, we don’t want to have the virus spread as in did in NY, but we don’t have a mayor, Governor, and a public relations official that totally ignore the warnings and tell everyone to gather in large crowds as New York officials did.

Sandra McMahan 137 days ago

Hoover Sun