Hoover school board votes 4-0 to approve school rezoning plan (videos)



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What does "Grandfathered" mean exactly???

I'm so late in seeing this. My daughter is one of the affected students. We are living in a neighborhood that will be changed from Green Valley>HHS zone to Rocky Ridge>Spain Park zone.
She will be entering 10th grade. I'm unclear on the term "grandfathered". Does this mean she would only be able to continue going to HHS for just one more year? Or will she be able to continue going to HHS for the rest of her career (provided that she has transportation)?

Phillip Christian more than 2 years ago

My understanding...

According to this presentation (slide 14) your daughter will be able to stay at HHS and finish her career; as you stated, provided she has transportation.


Fred more than 2 years ago

Absolute disappointment

There are no other words to describe my feeling of the Hoover School Board and their decision in rezoning. It is undeniable that the school board had to carryout rezoning, but the plan they've approved looks like they spent a few minutes deciding on something that will disrupt 2200 children.

By approving this plan,
1. This takes away a parents decision for their children. Parents purchase homes in specific areas based on schools.
2. One of the major concerns of the NAACP/DOJ in the original lawsuit (see page 63 of the court transcript dated 2-20-15) was that Hoover City Schools moved islands of students and created enclaves in previous zoning proposals. This proposal includes the islands and enclaves, just in different locations.
3. There will be a larger financial burden on the city because now bus service will have to be provided to my daughter's new school, (it is not provided now due to our proximity to our current school).
4. Should my child take the bus, she will walk 2 blocks from our home (towards our current community school) and be picked up over a half-hour early. That's a long time for a 5-10 year old. That's a lot of lost sleep, and shorter breakfasts.

5. If I drive my child, it will take an excessive amount of time because I'll travel down Highway 31, instead of the 0.8 miles to our current school, which is in our neighborhood.

It is clear, based on the approved zoning plan, that the best interest of the students were not considered.

Beyond that, it's obvious that the rezoning plan negatively impacts areas with lower median home prices moreso that those with higher median home prices. For example, The Preserve, which was orginally slated to be rezoned has now been reverted back to its original zoning. The same goes for Trace Crossings and Ross Bridge. If Hoover is going to continue its exponential growth rate, they'll need to be much more forward-thinking in their approach of zoning. This plan is very short-sighted.

Furthermore, I am appalled that Kathy Murphy is satisfied with unhappy families as long as she completes her task (final paragraph of this article). My child is not a task.

Amy more than 2 years ago

Audio Recording of Meeting


Dan Fulton more than 2 years ago