Hoover school board to vote Monday night on rezoning proposal



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This is a good plan. VOTE YES!

Something has to be done, due to the growth on the Western part of Hoover. The only way is to head east and figure out a way to move all of this around. Rezoning is part of living in a 'high demand' (argue that term if you want) area that Hoover is. The western part of Hoover has no place to go and because of this, schools east as you head down 150 and 459 must be shifted around. Unless they build more schools (doesn't appear an option) the plan they have in place will work. Everything will balance out, kids will still make friends like they did when they started and like we did when I was a child as well.

Bill P. more than 2 years ago

Parent's Choice

Thank you for outlining this proposal, Jon. One of the most important and personal choices a parent can make is where to send their children to school. This plan takes that choice away from parents. Vote No!

Anthony Richey more than 2 years ago

Great article

Great article Jon! Thanks for exposing in detail how many young children will be forced to change schools and give up familiar teachers and old friends due to no fault of their own. Hoover Citizens are encouraged to attend the board meeting tonight and influence the board to Reject the Rezoning Plan in favor of a more creative solution where everyone can win. thanks!!

Paul Wenter more than 2 years ago