Hoover school board passes $10.4 million deficit budget for fiscal 2016



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Math 101

My public education, provided in portion by Hoover City Schools, taught me that I have 2 apples, I can't give away 3 apples. The same should apply to budgets. Why would someone plan on spending more than they take in? I know this is a new admin but how did the previous admin & board approve a "budget" that was beyond expected revenues? If that's permissible, why even bother having a budget at all?
The solution is not increasing revenues. The solution is adequate management of current revenues with a greater level of personal responsibility. Look at the amount of budget dedicated to debt services. I'm no accountant but why is that even an item? Why are we spending anything on debt services? Surely I'm misinterpreting. Misunderstanding. Mis-something. Because that makes absolutely no sense.
Face palm.
I can't even.

Gina more than 4 years ago


Great. Again Hoover's School Board acts like the U.S. Congress --over budget. And just like Congress, this School Board needs to be replaced. Enrollmemt is DOWN; yet 23 NEW teachers are hired when salaries and benefits are by far the biggest part of the budget. That's not managing the budget deficit. That's mismanagement.

Barry V. Frederick more than 4 years ago