Hoover school board calls for property tax increase election



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Vote YES to new taxes

We cannot continue to expect our school system to perform at the level of our neighboring OTM systems if we are not willing to support it financially. Hoover pays less to our schools than other OTM systems and is larger and significantly more diverse. You get what you pay for, and I have NO problem paying more in property taxes with the understanding that it all go straight to our schools.

Delle Kincaid more than 1 year ago

Vote NO to new taxes

Vote NO to new taxes. Is it going to be necessary to force these people to realize Hoover residents are adamently and overwhelming against new property taxes. Don't waste time and expense connected with voting on this, only to see the proposed tax increase slapped down. This is a two-step process: One, vote against anyone on the city council that takes any action that will faciltate this proposed tax increasere or that -appoints any member of this taxing school board; and two, if the city council helps to get this proposed tax increase on a ballot, vote No against it. This school board never stops wanting more and more of our hard-earned money.

Barry V. Frederick more than 1 year ago

Tax increase

Tax and spend tax and spend tax and spend- that's all they know . Gotta have more money!!

Thomas morrison more than 1 year ago

Tax increase for schools

NO! They are asking Jeff. County Hoover residents to pay for Riverchase, Spain Park, Greystone, and Hoover schools in Shelby County to have more "stuff". While the system offers fewer programs, test scores fall, and Hoover falls behind not just Mt. Brook and Vestavia but also Trussville, Alabaster, Pelham, and other local systems in scholastic rankings apparently throwing money at the system doesn't make things better. Where is the $11 M from the sale of the old Berry High School? There is plenty of new money coming from all the new subdivisions coming on line monthly. Enough is enough!

L.B.J. more than 1 year ago

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